Welcome to the FreeStyle Optium H

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Welcome to the FreeStyle Optium H on line in-service program brought to you by Abbott Diabetes Care

The ADEA (Australian Diabetes Educators Association) recommends that;

“Health professionals only use blood glucose meter after successfully completing an education program that results in the attainment of competency in meter operation, control testing and problem solving”

ADEA Position Statement – Use of Blood Glucose Meters March 2010

This program has been developed to provide basic theoretical knowledge required to perform blood glucose monitoring with the FreeStyle Optium H previously known as the Optium Xceed blood glucose monitor.

Modules available to complete are:

Introduction to the FreeStyle Optium H

How to use the FreeStyle Optium H
a) Blood Glucose Testing
b) Blood Ketone Testing

Quality Control Testing
a) Internal Quality Control (QC Testing)
b) External Quality Assurance (MediPro)

Screen Messages / and Maintenance of the FreeStyle Optium H

Register to begin the FreeStyle Optium H In-Service training program . There will be a short review at the end of each module. A pass mark of 80% is required to complete the module

Upon completion a certificate will be able to be downloaded showing you have successfully completed the FreeStyle Optium H, Hospital In serving Program training.